The list of patents for inventions and industrial designs protecting the development of LLC «TREK»

Patent nameActRegistration dateValidity
WIG (industrial model)7332916.12.200910.10.2023
WIG amphibian (industrial model)8119016.03.201212.01.2026
WIG катамаран (industrial model)7401316.02.201019.12.2023
Mechanization of the bearing surface of a vehicle on a dynamic air cushion212720306.03.199720 years
WIG, its takeoff and landing device and wing folding drive209921720.12.199720 years
Vehicle take-off and landing device and drainage device211476410.07.199820 years
WIG wing aerodynamic profile211826927.08.199820 years
Amphibious vehicle (industrial model)4294421.09.199515 years
WIG (industrial model of second variant)4450416.07.199815 years
WIG of an integrated aerohydrodynamic layout262946318.11.201618.11.2036
WIG amphibian take-off and landing complex264449821.11.201621.11.2036
WIG - vehicle carrier265854524.10.201724.10.2037
Electromotive WIG273740620.11.201920.11.2039

* It should be noted that some patents have expired. But they continue to defend the development of products of «TREK» LLC, since no one can claim that the patents of other authors are used in the works, which could require payment or stopping production.

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