The main activity of LLC «TREK» – is the creation, operation and sale of ekranoplans.

LLC «TREK» also offers other enterprises and individuals mutually beneficial cooperation in the production and operation of ekranoplans.

LLC «TREK» (general director and chief designer V. Kolganov) is the official developer, design technical documents owner and manufacturer of ekranoplans (Wing-in-ground effect craft) «Ivolga» (EL-7, EK-12 and EK-30). When designing it our engineers extracted all the good out of the past experience (Design Bureaus of R. Bartini and R. Alekseev) and present-day science and technology development.

SPE «TREK» LLC — Chief Designer — Viacheslav Kolganov. Primary activity — establishment, operation and sale of WIG. Has a staff with experience of research and design work by R.Bartini. WIG company produces a serial WIG EK-12 «Ivolga», is ready to start to manufacture the composite 17-seater supplied with car engines and systems of the EK-17 «Ivolga-2» and preparing the production of turboprop cargo-passenger WIG EK-30 to 39 seats and the EK-100 to 150 seats.

Wigcrafts EK-12 and EK-17 provide a sustainable safe high-efficiency, environment-friendly movement at heights of 0,2÷4,0m at speeds up to 220km/h at a distance of up 1500km. Used on rivers, even the ice-covered and snow, on the sea with waves 3÷4 points (wave up to 1,5 meters) in the wetland areas and flood. Wigcrafts are amphibious, based on land and water with an independent access to them.

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